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Why Volunteer with the Young Kennel Club?

There are a huge range of opportunities, so whatever experience you have, there is a way you can become involved in the Club.  Below is a brief description of some of our main volunteering roles

Endless opportunities

There are a number of reasons you might be interested in volunteering, the Young Kennel Club may be something you are passionate about and you’d like to offer help in return. You might want to encourage younger dog enthusiasts using your canine experience, expand your CV, increase your confidence or even just gain new skills and create a new hobby for yourself.

Whatever the reason, the Young Kennel Club promises you will be satisfied that your time and effort has been well spent!

Crufts Ring Party

The Young Kennel Club has its own finals ring at Crufts and we invite senior members (18-24 years) to run the ring over the four days. This is a great responsibility and gives you experience of stewarding at shows, dealing with judges, competitors and the general public and a chance to learn about the organisation and running of a large dog show.

Dog Trainers

Training young handlers is a unique skill and we require trainers with expertise and confidence in all of the different canine activities. The rewards are huge as you watch your young handler’s confidence and skills grow.



Membership Promotion

At our events, we always need keen, enthusiastic volunteers to help us promote the club, speaking to the general public and potential new members. Perfect for those passionate about the Young Kennel Club.

Event Team Leaders

One of our most popular volunteer schemes, open to those over 21 years. The roles involves mentoring a group of around 10 children and encouraging them throughout their dog training experience. If you are energetic, enthusiastic and enjoy working with young handlers then we need you!


If you are on a Kennel Club Judging list then you can offer to Judge at an YKC qualifier or final. The club likes to offer younger, newer Judges the experience of Judging to set you off on your judging career.

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If you're interested in volunteering with the Young Kennel Club, please email us take a look at our current volunteering opportunities