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Our volunteers

The YKC have a great team of volunteers who volunteer at YKC events throughout the year. We are really proud to say that some of our volunteers have been working hard for many service jobs during COVID-19 and we would like to say a big thank you to them.

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Adam (Emergency Medical Technician)

I’ve been around dogs my entire life, my siblings were both in the YKC and I joined when I was six. I regularly attended the YKC events across the year, such as the summer camp and the training weekends spread out across the country. I loved these events as they allowed me to train my dogs and expand my knowledge of the canine world as well as making friends for life. I compete in handling and breed showing, with varying success. I’m also a keen member of the Afghan Hound community and I’m on the committee for one of the main Afghan Hound show committees, my skills learnt from YKC events and good experiences allowed me to get where I am now. I’ve volunteered at various events with the YKC since the age of 16 and I’ve loved every second. I’ve attended two team building courses through the YKC, these events, combined with the volunteer work has given me experience and skills that help my CV stand out. I now work away as a paramedic away from home, so unfortunately I don’t get to see my dogs as much as I’d like to. I believe the YKC has given me the confidence, knowledge and experience to be the person I am today.

Rosie (Nurse)

I’ve been a member of the YKC for nearly 16 years now. I’ve been taking part in activity weekends and summer camps yearly since I was young. These weekends have proven to be extremely fun and a great source of learning, they have given me the knowledge I required to at age eleven years win my YKC handling class at Crufts. Having grown up going to activity weekends and camps I began to volunteer at both weekends and as part of the YKC crufts ring party gaining more responsibilities, confidence and knowledge so that I now assist the YKC in organising and running the autumn training weekend, which has become one of the highlights of my year. I started attending summer camps when I was eight years old, I really enjoyed going. Summer camp and the YKC bring together young people who all enjoy training dogs, this common interest has developed into lots lasting friendships, many of which I met during my times at summer camp. The training opportunities available at summer camp means that members are able to try all of the different disciplines available with experienced trainers, most of which were members themselves when they were younger. Summer camp gives us, as senior member,s the chance to pass on our experience and knowledge onto the next generation of dog trainers.

Scarlett (Emergency medical technician)

I joined the YKC when I was thirteen years old after attending Crufts two months after getting our first family dog, a Shih Tzu crossreed called Talulah. I attended the summer camp that year and knew straight away this was the hobby for me. We went on to compete in competitions and were strongest in the handling classes. After only a few years of competing we found ourselves in the Fetch magazine for competing in five different activities in one year at Crufts and being placed in all of them. This lead us to start breed showing and we bought our own show dog, a Tibetan Terrier who we took across the world to compete in the world dog show. I currently work as an emergency medical technician on the ambulances meaning my spare time is limited however I still find time to volunteer and help at multiple YKC events and enjoy cuddles with my first dog who is now thirteen and still a puppy. The best part of joining the YKC is the amount of life long friends I have made who are still there for me to this day. The YKC has given me a lifelong passion and an escape from a busy career where I can just enjoy time with my dogs and amazing friends.

David (Police Officer)


I have been involved with the YKC for 10 years, starting with my rescue GSP Twiggy we went to our first event which was YKC camp! At camp I met a lot of friends who I am still very close with. I competed with Twiggy in agility, handling and canicross running. Since then I have had a Bracco Italiano puppy who I showed and bred from, and I am now part of the Bracco Italiano Society Committee and judge the breed at different shows. I attended YKC events for a number of years and have trained agility at Newark however I now attend the events to help run them as a volunteer. I remember my second year at camp, on one of the days we went on a trip to a nearby dog training centre. They trained dogs for use in the police and ilitary, from this point on I had always wanted to join the police or military to work with dogs and it’s taken me the the job I have today. Thanks to camp I have a group of lifetime friends, who I see rarely but whenever we are together bother has ever changed. Camp gave me the confidence, companionship and love for dogs that has helped me throughout my life and I can only hope that you all find it too!