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Kennel Club Work Experience Roles

When applying for work experience think about the skills and knowledge you want to develop. We have a range of skills and roles helping us deliver our work, from a variety of departments all based at the Kennel Club Building in London.

Health and Breeder Services

We can offer an insight into how the Kennel Club deals with all aspects of Dog breeding; how breeders are assessed against the requirements of the Assured Breeder Scheme, how the visit process works and how inspection visits are carried out.  There will also be opportunities to learn how information on Health of dogs is gathered and provided to breeders and the public.


An all-round overview of what is expected from a full service marketing team.  You will learn about the ways in which we promote all the Kennel Club’s services from writing marketing plans, media briefs, advertising plans, social media plans and creative briefs as well as learning how we communicate to our customers via targeted email campaigns and newsletters and how we work with different departments on approving artwork and copy.


Experience in planning and management of Crufts, Discover Dogs and other smaller events.

Public Relations

Writing skills, supporting teams in writing copy (e.g. press releases, feature articles etc), how to work in a fast-paced press office, how to find a news angle that works for different types of press (national, regional, dog etc), media knowledge gained from creating media lists and possible liaison with journalists, event management (if helping teams plan / attend a launch event), learn essential tools that enable PR professionals to do their job efficiently.

Canine Activities

Opportunities to learn about the process of various aspects of show administration, approval of judges and processing results.  This will provide an insight into the way complex office procedures are cohesively managed to support the Kennel Club’s governance role

Human Resources

We can help you to create and improve your CV, help you with interviewing skills and give you an overview of all the departments in the Kennel Club and what it is like working in Human Resources.

Work Experience Testimonials

We have successfully seen Young Kennel Members go on to work in full time employment at the Kennel Club, all from taking part in our Kennel Club work experience programme.

Charlotte McNamara

"I was a member of the KCJO and then YKC. I have been showing dogs since I was four years old with my mother. I took part in work experience in the Library and Gallery at the KC in 2009 which I really enjoyed. I applied for a job here in 2012 and have now worked at the Kennel Club for three and half years.
I am the Health Education and Engagement Manager in the Health & Breeder services department. I love my job and I am passionate about our work and contributing to a number of interesting health projects. My focus is on health and breeder education."




Chrissy McHardy

“I started out at the Kennel Club fresh from university knowing that I didn’t wish to pursue a career in the field of my degree so applied for a place on the YKC work experience to develop my CV and get a taste of working in London.

I was offered a placement in HR and the work they gave me proved to be very interesting.  From there, I was offered two BANK jobs then I later went on to apply for the permanent role.

Two years on and I am thoroughly enjoying my time in the Education and Training Team (Canine Activities) where I have a varied role.”