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Meet James Moore

James Moore has decades of experience with the YKC. He has been volunteering at Crufts for the past four years along with a number of other YKC events such as Discover Dogs and YKC camp. We caught up with him to find out about the highlights of his experiences with the YKC.

How long have you been in the YKC?

I joined the then KCJO (what is now the YKC) in 1998, so a very long time!

What activities have you taken part in?

I’ve always competed in handling and breed showing, and for a short time tried agility. I also enjoy training younger members for show handling competitions.

What do you do for work?

I work at the University of Birmingham managing the original historic listed buildings on Campus. Some of these buildings are over 100 years old and require a lot of work and looking after by the Estates team. 

What is your favourite activity?

I will always love show handling, but I also really enjoy watching agility and how all the handlers control their dogs. It’s certainly something I’d like to try again!

Have you competed at Crufts, if so what was your favourite part?

I was lucky enough to compete a few times at Crufts – my first being the South East’s final representative for the KCJO regional handling finals which was a big honour. I’ve also been incredibly lucky to judge at Crufts twice for the YKC, both in 2019 and 2020 for the Crossbreed of the Year finals. My favourite part of both handling and judging at Crufts has to be stepping onto the green carpet – it gives me a buzz every time!

What do you do with your dog out side of your activity?

Freida my Field Spaniel is only a puppy at the moment, so we have been to puppy obedience training classes and passed our Good Citizen Dog Scheme puppy foundation course. We’ve also been going to ringcraft training, but also some training at home too. When we aren’t training, we enjoy walks in the woods and park, and also meeting up with her other canine friends – her best friend being an Italian Mastiff called Vito!

What is your favourite part about the YKC?

The friends you make! I’ve made friends for life after meeting them at various YKC events. We are all from various parts of the country so it’s tricky to always see each other, so we always make the most of being together for birthdays, special occasions and Crufts. It’s no secret that I met my wife through YKC, so it will always be a special organisation to be a part of.

Have you volunteered for the YKC, if yes what is your favourite part about volunteering?

I first volunteered in 2006 being one of the handling trainers at YKC Camp at Melton Mowbray. The following year I took a part in the Outward Bound leadership course and then was asked to volunteer at Discover Dogs and Crufts. I was then asked to be a Team Leader at YKC Camp, where I went on to win the overall Camp Team Champion three times. These are some of my favourite memories as they were so much fun to take part in – designing and winning the YKC 25th Anniversary Cake which was made into a real cake for Crufts, the numerous talent night dances, Mary Ray coming to train heelwork to music, line dancing, and my personal favourite – sports night!  

If you could offer any advice to someone wanting to join the YKC what would you say?

Do it! You won’t regret it! There are so many things to do and try and the YKC has access to all of the dog activities and brilliant trainers just waiting to help you. The training weekends are brilliant – you get to try activities which you normally wouldn’t do, and you may even find your dog has a hidden talent for them! You can also put these to the test by trying to qualify for Crufts too on the competition day. There are also activity specific training days too – I’m lucky enough to run a handling one before Crufts which also features a qualifier for the following year. And it’s not just the training – it’s the free Crufts and Discover Dogs ticket you get too! If you’ve never been before, you can come and see what the YKC is all about. And don’t forget the Fetch magazine which is filled with fun stuff to do, articles about the members, and competitions a-plenty! Also, keep an eye out on the social media channels for all things YKC. So what are you waiting for – go sign up!

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