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Meet Adam Newson

Adam Newson joined the YKC when he was 6 years old. These days he works as a Emergency Medical Technician and is studying to become a Paramedic, but still makes time to volunteer at Crufts every year and also judges Afghan Hounds. We chatted to him about his experience volunteering with the YKC.

How long have you been in the YKC?

I’ve been a member of the YKC since the age of 6, since then the YKC has been a massive part of my life.

What activities have you taken part in?

I mostly take part in handling and breed showing and have done since a young age.

What do you do for work?

I currently work in London as an Emergency Medical Technician. I respond to 999 calls and provide emergency medical care to people across London.

What did you study at school/University/other courses?

I finished my A levels in 2014 and had no clue what I wanted to do, so decided not to go to university and got a job instead to fill my time. I kind of bounced from post to post a bit before I finally settled in my current job in 2018 and loved it ever since. I’ve recently started studying at Birmingham University to become a Paramedic.

Have you competed at Crufts, if so what was your favourite part?

I’ve competed at Crufts multiple times, both in the handling ring and breed showing ring. I really enjoy the atmosphere and buzz of competing at Crufts and I love the sportsmanship of most of my fellow competitors. I used to compete in handling with a crossbreed and it was a privilege to show others that a crossbreed pet can be just as good as a pedigree show dog in the handling ring.

Do you take part in any dog activities or volunteer?

I volunteer at Crufts every year. I love it because I can give back to the club that has given me so much over the past years. I also get to hang out and catch up with some of my closest friends who I don’t get to see too often. Unfortunately, I live away from home so I don’t get to compete and train my dogs as much as I would like to. Over the past two years I’ve started judging Afghan Hounds and have multiple judging appointments in the future.

What is your favourite part about the YKC? Or why is the YKC important to you?

My favourite part of the YKC is the social side. I’ve made so many friends through the YKC, some of which I will have for life, although I don’t see them as often as I would like. Over the years the YKC has allowed me to partake on various team building course and to volunteer at events across the country, these have helped me to grow in confidence and to meet new people.

If you could offer any advice to someone wanting to join the YKC, what would you say?

My advice for anyone looking to join the YKC is to just do it. Throw yourself into it as much as possible and you will definitely not regret it. The YKC is such a brilliant organisation and is a brilliant stepping stone into the dog world, even if you don’t have intentions of competing, it’s great for just having fun with you dog!

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