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EOJ Team Selection Process

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If you would like to compete for Team GB at the European Open Junior competition in 2019 (held in Switzerland), continue reading to find out how to get involved:

To be part of YKC Agility Team GB you must first qualify to be on the Squad. Once part of the squad, you will need to demonstrate your skills across two squad days and the ADOY Semi-finals at Crufts 2019. The team will be selected based on the performances at all three of these events.

How to qualify for the 2019 Squad:

The YKC Squad will be made up of:

  • Handlers and their dogs who represented Agility Team GB at the EOJ 2018 held in the Netherlands. This only includes:
    • Competing members
    • Travelling reserves
  • Handlers & dogs who have qualified for the Agility Dog Of the Year (ADOY) semi-final at Crufts 2019
    • Please note, this is subject to each member also meeting the age requirements for the EOJ competition

Members who have gained 30 points or more at ADOY qualifiers in 2018 with more than one dog may choose any number of those dogs to be entered into the EOJ Team GB Squad.

The coaching team reserve the right to select additional members onto squad for any reason.

Please Note: Only apply to join the squad if you are committed to taking part. Competing internationally is expensive and time consuming, please do not enter into this process if you do not think you will be able to compete at the event. (EOJ 2019 competitions are being held in Switzerland during July 2019).

Key Dates:

  • Agility Team GB Junior Squad Day 1 – Saturday 8th December 2018
  • Agility Team GB Junior Squad Day 2 – Saturday 16th February 2019
  • Crufts ADOY competition - Thursday 7th March 2019
  • YKC EOJ Team announced - Mid March 2019
  • *Performance Weekend – 05-07 April 2019 (Provisional)
  • *Agility Team GB Adult & Junior Team Day 1 – Monday 27th May 2019
  • *Agility Team GB Junior Team Day 2 – Saturday 22nd June 2019
  • *EOJ Competition held in Switzerland - July 2019

NB: - All official team/training days ARE NOT OPTIONAL (marked with "*"), failure to attend may result in removal from the team

How the Team is selected

The team will be selected based upon the member’s performance in both Squad day 1, Squad day 2 and Crufts 2019.

The team will be announced approximately one week after Crufts 2019.

There will be five “win-on-spot” opportunities for members to compete for

  • One win-on-spot place for each height category (3 total) – the faults and times from each run added together from both Squad day 1 and Squad day 2 (not Crufts 2019). The overall winners of each height category will be offered an automatic place onto the final Team.
  • A win-on-spot place for both the winner and reserve of the Crufts 2019 ADOY final (in the main arena) (2 total)

None of the “win-on-spot” places will roll down – if they are not taken for any reason, the place is lost.

The coaching team will each make observations during the two squad days and the ADOY semi-final at Crufts. As soon as Crufts finishes, the coaching team will meet to discuss their thoughts, and from there the YKC Team GB selection will be made.

The coaching team will pick the Team that they think will best represent Agility Team GB. The process is subjective and may not correlate directly with just the scoresheets. The process

Further details about the selection process will be announced nearer the time to the squad.

What happens if I can’t make a Squad day?

Firstly, let the YKC know which squad day you cannot make and why – do this as early as possible. Non-attendance at a squad day may affect your possibility of being selected for the team

If you miss a squad day, you will no longer be eligible for the “win-on-spot” places on offer at the squad days. You can still get a “win-on-spot” place by winning or being the reserve at the ADOY final at Crufts 2019.

What happens if I get selected to be on Agility Team GB?

Following the Team selection – there will two official team training days to prepare the team for the competition in Switzerland.

Additional unofficial training will be arranged at agility shows around the country where possible.

Further details about the EOJ, team training and any additional competition information will be given when available and we aim to share as many details as we can before the first squad day.