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Activity & Personal Development Courses

We are delighted to offer members the chance to take part in our brand new learning and development course in association with Kingswood Inspired Learning.  Young Kennel Club members take part in the programme to become more confident and gain important skills that will help set you up in the future including teamwork, confidence, communication, problem solving, leadership and project management.

Completion of the course will enhance members CVs and you will be expected to use the skills you have learned to help organise and attend events for the Young Kennel Club.  A sample of volunteering opportunities will include Crufts Ring Party, Dog Training, Membership Promotion and Judging.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to members aged 17 years and above and the closing date is 29 June 2018.

Taking part in these courses will challenge you and equip you with the life skills you need to achieve your personal and academic goals in life. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to apply today.

Adventure Choice (17-24 years)

Arrival Date

Monday 20 August 2018

Departure Date

Friday 24 August 2018

Course Title

Adventure Choice

Age Group

17-24 years old


Dearne Valley, Yorkshire

No of places available


How does it work?

The instructors use a mix of adventurous activities, reflection time and review sessions to help young people focus on different learning outcomes such as:

  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Self Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Leading and Supporting 

What can you achieve?

On completion of the course we will ask you to use these skills to help organise training and events for the Young Kennel Club.

  • Improved performance and attainment
  • Positive behaviours, attitudes and increased wellbeing
  • Improved motivation and commitment
  • Increased aspirations and employability
  • Increased openness to change
  • Improved life skills and better informed choices

How much does it cost?

The course is funded by the Kennel Club and includes full board and accommodation, meals, activity programme and evening entertainment.  Members will need to pay for their travel to and from the centre. Kingswood has over 30 years’ experience in delivering Learning Outside the Classroom experiences to over 160,000 young people annually at nine unique outdoor locations across the UK and one in France.

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