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The Young Person of the Year Award

Nominate someone inspirational for a young person award 

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Our annual award is the chance to celebrate young people who are transforming the lives of others.  We are looking to recognise young people going above and beyond or overcoming huge challenges to demonstrate their love of dogs, and encourage others to become a part of the dog world.

They could be giving up their time to mentor other young people, training dogs, fundraising or campaigning. Whatever they are doing, they have one thing in common, a desire to make a difference and improve the lives of dogs.



The YKC Young person of the Year award is split into 5 categories, listed below. If you are thinking of nominating someone for this award, please choose the category you are nominating them for carefully, you may only nominate a member for one of these categories.

Personal Achievement Award

Volunteering Award

Inspiring Other Award

Sporting Talent Award

Community Award

Celebrating young people who have overcome personal challenges with their dog as well as the skills
they have developed to achieve success.

Celebrating young people who dedicate their time to helping others and gone over and above what would
be expected of them.

Celebrating young people and their dogs who through their positive attitude and inspirational approach
have proved to be a good role model.

Celebrating young people who show real passion and dedication for competing or training their dog.

Celebrating young people who show commitment and passion through social action – fundraising,
campaigning, activities at school, college or community for the welfare of dogs.

The winners of each of the award categories will be chosen by a YKC management board. Once the category winners have been announced, the general public will then get to vote on who should win the overall "Young Person of the year" award.

How to Nominate:

To nominate someone for the Young Person of the Year award, please click the button below and fill out the form. You may only nominate a member for 1 of the categories (and you can't nominate yourself!). All Nominees must be a current YKC member.

Crufts 2020 Nominations Now Closed



The overall winner of the YKC Young Person of the Year award will be presented with the Shaun McAlpine Memorial trophy. 

The award has been presented at Crufts for over 26 years by Ed and Cindy McAlpine. The award is in memory of Shaun, who tragically died two weeks after his 22nd birthday in November 1984.

The trophy is awarded annually to encourage young dog lovers to become more involved in dog activities, as Shaun himself had achieved considerable success as a dog handler, competing at Crufts on many occasions.






  • 2020 - Ryan Hennessy
  • 2019 - Paige Jepson
  • 2018 - Lauren Ashby
  • 2017 - Daisy Buckland
  • 2016 - Charlotte-Louise Page
  • 2015 - Oliver Beckett
  • 2014 - Ryan Ross
  • 2013 - Jessica Ward
  • 2012 - Kian Pellow
  • 2011 - Alice Moodie
  • 2010 - Chelsea Hickford
  • 2009 - Linzi Follet
  • 2008 - Joshua Griffin
  • 2007 - Georgina Ferguson
  • 2006 - Stephanie Lansdell
  • 2005 - Chantelle Prior
  • 2004 - Jodie Harrison
  • 2003 - Rachel Buckwell
  • 2002 - Amy Holmes
  • 2001 - Adam Rose
  • 2000 - Jodie Harrison
  • 1999 - Adrian Marett
  • 1998 - Defrel Owen
  • 1997 - Donna-Elena Hardwicke
  • 1996 - Phillippa Noble
  • 1995 - Dona-Elena Hardwicke