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YKC Artist of the Year


The theme for this art contest is The Future with your artwork to be submitted as a mixed media piece of artwork. Your own artwork needs to include at least two types of media used. Mixed media is the process of using different types of media (paint, pencil, collage etc) to create a single piece of artwork.



The theme for your photograph should be based on "The Future".

This theme might include ideas relating to:

  • What inspires you for the Future?

  • What would you and your dog/s like to do?

  • Your Hopes and Dreams for you and your dog/s



In the theme the dog/s should be the main subject of your artwork. Your artwork needs to be a mixed media piece which can mean you can combine two or more of any art medium - Paint, Pencil, Digital Art, Photography, Video, Written Text.



The artwork that is entered in the competition will be judged on how well the theme has been incorporated, as well as how creative you have been in using two or more mixed media mediums.

The judges will look at three key areas: Impact of the theme, incorporating dog/s, creativity of the artwork.

A member may submit one piece of artwork only that best reflects the theme.

The artwork must be created by the person entering. 



As we’re still socially distancing, the Kennel Club London offices are not open at the moment, instead you will need to take a clear picture of your mixed media artwork and email the image to ykc@thekennelclub.org.uk 

If Photography the size of image your photos should be maximum of 10MB in size, in JPEG or PNG format and at least 600 x 600 pixels (otherwise the pictures are too blurry!)

Extra Info


Please include in your email:

  • Your full name
  • Age
  • Title of image
  • Please let us know what types of media you used.
  • Entrants should email their artwork to ykc@thekennelclub.org.uk

Remember: the closing date for your entry is 31 March 2021

What you could win!


The age category this year is 06-24.

The winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive the following prizes:  

  • £80 Amazon Voucher

  • Crufts Merchandise

  • A year’s complimentary YKC membership!

  • £50 Amazon Voucher

  • Crufts Merchandise

  • £30 Amazon Voucher
  • Crufts Merchandise



When does the competition open?

September 2020

Who can enter the competition?

All YKC members aged 6-24 years

Does it cost money to enter or a fee to register?

No it’s free to all YKC members.

I entered last year, can I enter again?

Yes, if you took part last year you can enter the competition again.

When does the competition close?

The competition closed on 31 March 2021

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