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YKC top writer competition


Current challenge

We are pleased to announce our YKC Top Writer Competition is back for 2021. This year we are asking YKC members to put pen to paper and write a creative short story for the chance to win some fantastic prizes. The lucky winner will see their work printed in Fetch and become the YKC top writer of the year 2021!

The competition

The theme for your short story is ‘The Adventures of…’

What adventure will you and your dog/s go on? Or perhaps your dog/s will go on the adventure? You could even write about someone else instead of yourself. It’s time to ignite your imagination and set off on that adventure! Stories should be no longer than 800 words in length.

Judging criteria

The winning story will need to spark the imagination and inspire the judges. Dog/s must be included in the story and the judges will also be looking to see how well the theme has been incorporated.


The stories will be judged by age group (under 12 years, 12 years and over and over 18 years), with a winning story picked from each age group. The winner from each age group will receive a £25 book voucher - the perfect prize for any young booklover and aspiring author!

One lucky writer will be chosen to be the competition's overall winner. This exceptional young writer will have their story published in Fetch Magazine and win an Amazon Kindle.

How to enter

  • The competition closes on 30 April 2021
  • You can submit your entry by email to ykc@thekennelclub.org.uk
  • Please include the following information with your entry: name, address, age and story title.

Our top tips

Read our top tips to get you started with your short story.

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. But the secret to writing a great short story is to add something different to your tale; something that captures the readers. 

  • Brainstorm your ideas (who, what, why, where and when)
  • Create your characters and setting
  • Pick a point of view (who is going to tell your story?)
  • Try writing your story onto one page first so you can pinpoint the main events
  • Start strong. For example, a way capture the reader’s interest from the start could be with an unusual or unexpected event or situation)
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