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Getting started in dog showing

The Kennel Club has unveiled a series of ‘Getting started in…’ videos, which show dog lovers how they can get involved in a range of activities with their canine companion.

Each video is narrated by an ex-YKC member, with demonstrations from their four-legged teammate, including tips on how to get into the activity, what it takes to be successful and practical training advice.

Here we show you how to get started in dog showing. Learn more about dog showing. Find out how you can take part in dog showing as a YKC member.

Interview with Charlotte-Louise Page and Alex Paisey 

After years of competing in dog showing as Young Kennel Club members, we caught up with Charlotte-Louise and Alex to find out more about their background in the world of dogs and how they felt being asked to be the presenters of this campaign. 

How long were you a member of the YKC?

Charlotte-Louise: I joined the Young Kennel Club when I was 9 years old.

Alex: I joined the then Kennel Club Junior Organisation (KCJO) when I was 6 years old and was a member all the way through until I was 24, and then went on to be a member of The Kennel Club.

What was your favourite part of being a YKC member?

Charlotte-Louise: The people you get to meet and all the opportunities that come your way. I wouldn’t have dreamt about writing a book on handling or travelling to Japan to train handlers if it wasn’t for being involved in the dog showing world.  

Alex: There are several, spending time with your own dogs, learning more about dogs in general and disciplines to get involved with as well as, making friends with like-minded people.

Are you still active in the world of dogs?

Charlotte-Louise: Yes, I still compete, I am approved to award my first set of Challenge Certificates in Dalmatians, I’m the treasurer of a breed club and a committee member of a general and group championship show. Along with this, I also train YKC members every year on how to handle their dogs in the handling classes. 

Alex: Yes I am heavily involved in the world of dogs. I show dogs, judge several breeds and sit on show committees too.

What do you do for work?

Charlotte-Louise: I work for The Kennel Club – the best job in the world!

Alex: I currently work in the events department at The Kennel Club, organising Crufts, Discover Dogs and making agility team GB a success.

What’s your favourite part about Dog Showing?

Charlotte-Louise: Seeing my dogs having fun and getting to meet up with like-minded people. 

Alex: For me it’s developing that bond with your dog, and from there gaining success as your relationship grows. You also get to travel and visit many great places. 

How did it feel to be asked to present for The Kennel Club and encourage new people to join dog showing?

Charlotte-Louise:- It was an honour to be asked to front this new campaign alongside Alex. My life is pretty much dedicated to the world of dogs, so to be able to encourage new people to get involved was an honour. 

Alex: It was a great honour for me and a project I could not turn down. I really enjoy showing and it has presented me with great experiences with my dogs. I would love more people to enjoy the same successes that I have. 

What would you say to someone thinking about taking part in dog showing or the YKC?

Charlotte-Louise: Do it! The YKC is full of so many opportunities, from different disciplines to take part in, volunteering or even making friends all over the country. You can gain so much out of it and as they say, “you become the future of the dog world”. 

Alex: The dog comes first - work out what makes them work and what they enjoy and from there showing will become a breeze. I would also say never stop learning - take any advice from experienced dog exhibitors and judges, as this will help you too. I would 100% join the YKC. Where I am today is down to the YKC and the experiences I gained through competing, volunteering and friendships.

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