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YKC Stakes

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Dog showing, or exhibiting as it is known, is the most popular canine activity in the UK - Crufts is the highlight of the year for most competitors. At shows, the judge compares each dog against the official Kennel Club Breed Standard which is a guide for the characteristics for that breed, including health and temperament. The dogs which come closest to the Breed Standard receive the top places. If you have already been competing this year, you can click on the compete button below to see the year's YKC show results!

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Stakes Entry Criteria

To take part in the YKC Stakes classes the dog must be registered; Solely or jointly in the member’s name or in the name of a member of the family (i.e a group of people related by blood or marriage) and under these circumstances the dog must be resident at the YKC member’s address.

In certain cases, members may be permitted, through permission from the YKC Office, to show a dog that is not registered in their name, the family name or registered at their address and must write into the YKC office for permission to show, stating the reasons why, which will then go forward to a Management Meeting for approval. This has to be agreed before a member can compete.

Earn your Showing points badge

You can collect points at Championship, Open, Limited and Companion Shows to apply for a showing badge to wear proudly when you compete. Further details can be found in the points book. To request a free points book email the YKC office with your details.

YKC Stakes

Qualifiers 2019 (Crufts 2020)

Young Kennel Club Stakes classes are held at Championship shows only and you can download a list of qualifiers for details of clubs that hold the YKC classes for members to try and qualify for Crufts. Your dog needs to be 6 months of age or over.

YKC Stakes Regulations