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YKC Obedience


Training your dog for competitive Obedience is great fun, challenging and an interesting activity for you to enjoy together. Competitive Obedience shows take place all over the country throughout the year, and are open for competitors of all levels to enter. If you have already been competing this year, you can click on the compete button below to see the year's YKC show results!

Competitive Obedience is perfect for smart dogs and handlers looking for a challenge. If you win your class, within qualifying marks, at a YKC qualifier, then you will be invited to compete in the Crufts final! Take a look at the Young Kennel Club Obedience rules before taking part in any competitions.

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Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the rules for YKC competitions or click on the above button.

Click on the button to check out all the previous YKC Obedience finals winners, keep practising, and one day your name could be here!


Is your dog a bright spark?

Obedience exercises are perfect for intelligent dogs and include scent work, sits and stays, and heelwork. So if you think your dog is bright and quick to learn, then get started today! YKC members can start out in our basic, fun and relaxed obedience class. As you get more experienced, you can win out of your classes and work your way up the Obedience competition ladder.

Child friendly Obedience Clubs

Once you've covered the basic training, you might like to take your dog to regular obedience training - download our list of child friendly Obedience training clubs to find a club near you.

Work your way up in Obedience

Members that are just getting started in competitive dog obedience, can start with the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Special YKC Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes classThe classes encourage Good Citizen Scheme Bronze Award achievers to enter the world of obedience competition. 

YKC Obedience qualifiers

Download a list of YKC obedience qualifiers below, for details of clubs that hold the YKC classes, for members to try and qualify for Crufts. 

YKC Qualifiers and Child Friendly Clubs

YKC Obedience Regulations