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How to Submit HTM Points




You may enter a dog into one Heelwork class and one Freestyle class. The classes are as described below. You may only enter classes you would be eligible to enter at a standard Kennel Club licensed show.


Starters Heelwork

Novice Heelwork

Intermediate Heelwork

Advanced Heelwork


Starters Freestyle

Novice Freestyle

Intermediate Freestyle

Advanced Freestyle


A handler may only enter a class once, so you cannot enter 2 dogs into one class. You may enter more than one dog, but only into unique classes.

For example John Smith may enter his dog "awesome first dog" into Advanced Heelwork and Advanced Freestyle. If John Smith had another dog: "awesome second dog", he could enter that dog in any competition OTHER THAN Advanced Heelwork or Advanced Freestyle.




When submitting your marks please only use the marks where the dog was handled by the YKC member you are submitting marks for. (i.e. if "mum" and YKC member both handle a dog, please don't use marks that "mum" has won - just the use points the YKC member has won.)

You should submit your highest mark in either freestyle, heelwork, or both.

If your highest mark was from (for example) Starters Heelwork, but you now compete in Novice Heelwork, you may use the starters heelwork mark, but you must enter Novice heelwork at Crufts.

Any mark you are submitting must be gained between 1st Jan 2021 and 31 Oct 2021.

When completing the form, please attach a smartphone picture of the dog details section of you record book, and the page where your mark you are submitting appears.



After the closing date of 31st October 2021, the top 15 competitors in Heelwork and the top 15 competitors in Freestyle will be invited to compete in the finals at Crufts

We are closing the entries early this year in case not enough people were able to accrue enough points this year. If this is the case, we will accept all those who were able to submit points and will supplement the entries in the fairest way possible TBD.



Make sure you've read all of the above before you proceed to the form, once you have read and understood everything, please send us your points using the button below.

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