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GCDS Pre-Beginners Stakes

for YKC Members

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Training your dog for competitive Obedience is great fun, challenging and an interesting activity for you to enjoy together. Competitive Obedience shows take place all over the country throughout the year, and are open for competitors of all levels to enter. If you have already been competing this year, you can click on the compete button below to see the year's YKC show results!

The Young Kennel Club will be offering a Best YKC member rosette at each of the GCDS Special Pre-Beginners Obedience Stakes Heats. Points gained from the YKC rosettes awarded at each heat will go towards qualifying for a Special YKC Obedience competition. This is separate to the GCDS Stakes awards.

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The Test

The exercises featured in this special class will be a combination of the Good citizen Bronze Award and the Pre-Beginner class.

This test will serve as an introduction to basic competitive obedience and handlers will be encouraged to motivate their dog throughout the test. 

The YKC winners at each heat will be awarded a rosette and gain points towards a place in the YKC Crufts final. All members’ points will be added to a score table.

The highest scoring members in each age group will then be invited to enter the competition.

Who Can take part?

All YKC members can take part in the following age categories; under 12s, over 12s and over 18s. To be eligible to compete your dog must be:

  • Registered on a Kennel Club register, and at least 6 months of age or older.

  • Have achieved their Bronze GCDS Award prior to entering.

  • Have not won a standard G reg pre-beginners class, or been placed third or above in any other class (introductory accepted). 

GCDS Pre-Beginner Stakes for YKC Members Regulations