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YKC @ Crufts

With nearly 28,000 healthy, happy dogs enjoying the thrills and excitement of Best in Show with their owners, there’s no better place than Crufts to experience and learn about the wonderful world of dogs. The YKC ring at Crufts hosts the finals of all YKC qualifying heats that have taken place during the year, and is our most popular event.



YKC Ring Programme

Click to enlarge - times are approximate and will be updated when required

Get in free on all four days!

All fully paid up club members get FREE ENTRY into the show over all four days, using their Crufts wristband. Membership wristbands are sent out automatically in mid February each year to all fully paid up members. Not a YKC member but want your free entry to Crufts? Join today!

Admission tickets for Crufts 2019, can be purchased from the Crufts website.

Visit the Young Kennel Club

We devote our ring at Crufts (hall 3) entirely to competition finals, so come along and support your fellow members and watch some fantastic young handlers and their dogs competing in all of the YKC activities- one day, it could be you in the big ring!

We also have our own YKC stand offering fantastic membership show offers, and are happy to help with any Young Kennel Club queries you may have. Our ring party & stand are run solely by our senior YKC volunteers, so if you would like to volunteer with us then click here.

If you just can't wait until Crufts to join the Young Kennel Club then do it today!

Qualified for Crufts?

Firstly, Congratulations! Qualifying for Crufts is a huge achievement so you should be very proud of yourself and your dog.

We email all of our qualified members in December each year, providing them with the details on how to enter online, so all you need to do before then is make sure we have the correct email address for you to receive your invite - just email us and we will check for you.

Live the dream

Dream of competing at Crufts? Then, what are you waiting for? You don't have to be an experienced handler to take part in our qualifiers. Go to our compete section today to get started!

Photography & Press

Please be advised that Young Kennel Club members may be photographed or filmed at events, either individually or in a group, and that these images may be used for Kennel Club purposes only. To opt out of any images of yourself or your child being used from Young Kennel Club activities or events you can email us.

Crufts 2019 Young Kennel Club Judges

Young Kennel Club Competitions


Stakes (Breed)

Mrs J Peak


Miss R Hodge

Agility and Jumping

Ms N Jones


Mr R Burbidge-Grant

Grooming (Groom Through)

Ms J Harris

Grooming (Clip/Trim and Strip)

Ms L Tandy

GCDS YKC Pre-Beginners Stakes



Mr T Cain

Heelwork to music 

Mr R Curtis

Heelwork to music

Miss P Parsons

Heelwork to music

Ms V Gregorava



When will the Ring Programme for Crufts 2019 be published?


Short Answer: Before November (estimate)
Long Answer:
The YKC ring programme needs various things to be completed before we can even start to put the programme together. Some of the YKC Judges work in both the YKC ring and the Main Arena, so firstly we need to wait until the Main Arena programme is finalised to make sure we don't clash. Additionally, we have to wait for the vast majority of the results to return from our qualifiers, so we can understand how many entries to expect in each class. We will post the programme as soon as it is ready, we do understand that some of you may need to book hotels!


When will my Crufts 2019 tickets arrive?


Short Answer: Early February (estimate)
Long Answer:
Each up to date member will recieve one wristband allowing them access to all 4 days at Crufts. We will be sending out these wristbands with our February edition of Fetch. We had thought to send out the wristbands as a separate mail out, but with thousands of members to send wristbands to, the cost of doing so is huge!! We know that last year lots of members recieved their tickets very late. To try and prevent this from happening, we have completely revamped our deadlines for "Fetch" to make sure we get you all tickets with plenty of time before Crufts.


How do I enter Crufts 2019?


Short Answer: We'll contact most people in December via email (estimate)
Long Answer:
If you have qualified for Crufts 2019, the YKC will email you an invitation to enter each class. We will start sending these emails in December. If your friends have received emails but you have not, please wait one week before contacting us. We will send emails on a class by class basis, which will probably take a few days to complete. Some YKC qualifiers occur during December (and as late as January for stakes classes), if you manage to qualify for Crufts 2019 during these times, we will invite you as soon as we receive the results from the qualifying show. We do go to great lengths to make sure that everyone who has qualified for Crufts gets to enter Crufts if they wish to.


I've qualified for a competition on a school day, can I have a letter for my school?


Short Answer: Unfortunately not anymore
Long Answer:
We used to offer a letter advertising the merits of competing at Crufts, however at Crufts 2017 we had what can be described as an "issue" with that system. We contacted the Department for Education for advice the result of which can be found here. Basically, it is entirely the parent's responsibility to speak with the headteacher at their child's school and obtain permission for their child to be absent during term time. You may pass on the YKC's details should the headteacher require more information about the YKC. We aren't allowed to issue template letters anymore.