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Why take part in dog activities?

For many dog owners, competing at Crufts is the ultimate dream, and with the Young Kennel Club you could become a star of the future! Competing within the Club offers club members the chance to qualify for the highly anticipated Crufts finals, which are held in our YKC ring each year. For most of our competitions, members can handle any dog (crossbreed or pedigree!) provided it is on a Kennel Club register, so even if you aren't able to have a dog of your own, you can borrow a friend, relative or neighbour's dog and still compete.

Stars of the future

There are so many different competitive dog activities you can enjoy with the Young Kennel Club, giving you great opportunities to meet fellow dog lovers, and enjoy lots of fun with your dog. The Young Kennel Club is the perfect starting point for a lifetime hobby.

The Young Kennel Club helps to develop courtesy, sportsmanship and self-discipline, as well as helping you build an unbreakable bond with your four legged friend. 

After years of enjoyment competing in the club, many members eventually go on to compete as adults, using the experience they have gained. To get started, all you need to do is join the Young Kennel Club!

Find a training club

Before you begin competing in any activity you will want to get some practice in, local clubs offer dog training in every activity imaginable, through the Kennel Club website. The Young Kennel Club also hold training events in the most popular canine activities so check out our latest events too!

Find a qualifier

Ready to begin your future in the dog world? Clubs and societies host our qualifying classes throughout the year, in all of the disciplines. All you need to do is choose the canine activity in the compete section, and look at the list of qualifying shows.

Once you have found a class you would like to compete in, you will need to enter. Just contact the secretary and ask for a schedule and an entry form before the closing date. Read the schedule carefully, it will tell you what is going on at the show, including a list of classes and the rules and regulations. Also, make sure you read the YKC rules and regulations for the discipline, so you have all of the information.

Important competing information

In order to qualify in any YKC competition, you must be a fully paid up member at the time of entry and competition. If you enter a Crufts qualifier, and you have not previously paid your membership fee, then any award will be forfeited. Therefore it is important to renew and maintain YKC membership as current if you wish to participate in YKC competitions.

Qualifying at a show

If you qualify, the show will send the results into the YKC office who will then invite you to take part at Crufts (email invites sent out at the end of each year) – Congratulations! Remember to keep us up to date with your email address, as we invite all members via email.

What our members say...

"I first qualified for Crufts in Groomer of the Year when I was thirteen, and have qualified every year since. It's the time of year when you can gain recognition for everything you work towards and it is always the highlight of my year. The people are amazing and the whole experience is always fantastic." Jodie Forbes